The following is an article written by Birmingham Medical News.

Cullman Regional is differentiating itself from the current trend facing many community hospitals that are closing or being sold to larger healthcare systems. With teamwork and the leadership of Chief Executive Officer James Clements and the board of directors, Cullman Regional has reversed a $13 million deficit into a 23 percent increase in volume along with new projects for hospital expansion and upgraded facilities.

Clements says smaller hospitals often face a complex management environment and a level of unpredictability that generally doesn’t affect other businesses. “We all are experiencing an increase in uninsured patients probably caused by a reaction to the Affordable Care Act, cost or factors such as unemployment. We have unpredictable payment streams from payors such as Medicare and Medicaid,” he says. “In addition, larger urban hospitals are marketing aggressively in our areas to pull patients into their profitable service lines.”

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