Science shows that being more physically active has many benefits for your heart, brain and overall well-being. Take advantage of all your opportunities to sit less and move more while you work. Every minute you move adds up, so make it count!

  • Make it a habit to take the stairs instead of the elevator, for at least a floor or two. Once it gets easier, add another floor.
  • Stuck on a long call or need an energizing break? Stand up and do some basic strength and balance exercises, like squats, desk push-ups, wall sits, calf raises, tree pose and chair pose.
  • Keep small hand weights or a resistance band at your desk for bicep curls, lateral raises, rows, and overhead presses. Watch demos online or work with a fitness trainer to make sure you’re doing exercises correctly to avoid injury.
  • Use a farther breakroom or restroom, maybe even on another floor – and take the stairs each time you go.
  • Form a walking club to walk together at work and participate in local walking events as a team.
  • If you drive to work, park farther away from the entrance.
  • Walk to a nearby restaurant for lunch instead of driving or ordering in.


  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing you can move in or keep a pair of sneaks at your desk.
  • Schedule physical activity breaks and reminders on your work calendar — and treat them like any other important appointment.
  • Ask a coworker to be your “work out at work” partner. Remind and support each other to move more throughout the day. You’ll help keep each other accountable and motivated!


While you’re at it, add some intensity for even more health benefits. That means move faster or longer or with more effort so your body has to work a little harder.


Source: American Heart Association