Is Non-Surgical Weight Loss Right For Me?

We can help you achieve meaningful weight loss by taking a healthy lifestyle-based approach that may include nutrition, physical activity, behavior modification and FDA approved weight-loss medications.

To qualify for non-surgical medical weight loss, you must be any of the following:

  • Overweight or obese with a body mass index greater than 25
  • Gaining weight
  • Unable to maintain a healthy weight
  • Aiming to lose weight for other treatments such as orthopedic procedures, fertility treatment, management of sleep apnea, etc.
  • Experiencing weight regain after weight-loss surgery

What to Expect

A visit with our weight-loss specialist

All patients meet with a board-certified endocrinologist and obesity medicine physician for a thorough evaluation, including determining causes of weight gain, a review of current medical problems, current medications, past weight struggles, and to discuss weight-loss measures you may have tried in the past. The evaluation may also include blood tests and studies to gather more information.

An individualized treatment plan

Your physician will develop a treatment plan that includes nutritional counseling, exercise recommendations, medications, and referrals to a registered dietitian and other specialists for evaluation of weight-related diseases or associated medical conditions if needed.

Nutrition Counseling

A registered dietician will analyze your current diet, discuss important lifestyle changes you can make to support your weight management, and help create a personalized meal plan to ensure you are receiving proper nutrition throughout your weight-loss journey.

Weight-Loss Medications

Certain FDA approved weight-loss medications can be offered for patients with a BMI above 27.

Support in your weight-loss maintenance

Obesity is a chronic condition and one approach to weight loss may not work for everyone. Your follow-up appointments will be scheduled on a monthly or bimonthly basis as needed. At each visit, we will evaluate the success of your treatment plan and make any adjustments to better suit your needs.