At Cullman Regional, we are dedicated to helping you live an exceptionally healthy life. By becoming a member of our Healthy Life Program, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of health tips and benefits. We believe living a healthy lifestyle is something that should be celebrated, embraced and enjoyed NOT something to be afraid of or run away from.

From birth and throughout your life, Cullman Regional has the people, tips, and services to help you get the full benefits of living an exceptionally healthy lifestyle – the way it makes you feel and the victories it creates – far outweigh any of its challenges. However, when the need arises Cullman Regional’s healthcare team is here to provide care and healing.

No matter what age or state of life you are in, Cullman Regional’s Healthy Life Program offers a variety of programs, services, and benefits designed to meet your needs.

Your Healthy Life coordinators are your personal contact at Cullman Regional. Our team is available to answer questions, discuss concerns and listen to your ideas. Call 256-737-2600.