Modern medicine offers new hope for saving and improving lives. It requires new technologies, services and facilities on a continuous basis. The Cullman Regional Foundation plays a key role in generating community support. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Cullman Regional invests your tax-deductible donations into essential projects and services that ensure access to quality care for all those we serve. Your contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by IRS rules.

Here are just a few recent examples of how donated funds have been used at Cullman Regional. For more information on how to make a donation to support similar causes and purchases, call the Cullman Regional Foundation at 256-737-2604 or 256-737-2565, or email us at

Refresh-A-Room Enhancement Campaign: $2,800,000
Funds were used to enhance and upgrade each patient room and guest area to meet standard of care requirements while also creating a more modernly designed environment to facilitate a relaxed, less clinical environment.

Emergency Department and Cardiovascular Services: $6,000,000+
In its most ambitious project to date, the Cullman Regional Foundation raised over $6,000,000 to enhance and expand the Emergency Department and the Cardiovascular Services Center. Time to treatment for emergency patients was reduced with 12-lead EKG systems on all Cullman EMS ambulances, and the state-of-the-art Emergency Department was expanded. In addition, the latest cardiovascular imaging technologies are now available for cardiovascular patients at Cullman Regional.

Flat Panel Television: $475
To help ease the stress of waiting on loved ones in Diagnostic Imaging, the Cullman Regional Foundation purchased a flat panel television for the imaging waiting room. Since many imaging tests can take several hours for completion, this small but meaningful gift can make all the difference to loved ones waiting.

ARJO Standing and Lifting Chair: $7,800
To allow Rehabilitation Services caregivers to work with inpatients throughout the hospital for in-room physical therapy, as well as therapy to help the patients ambulate and recover from their respective illnesses, the Cullman Regional Foundation purchased an ARJO Standing and Lifting Chair. Because therapy is needed throughout the environment of care – and not just in the Rehabilitation department – this technology allows for a safer and easier experience for patients in many stages of recovery.

Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine: $1,500
A therapeutic ultrasound machine purchased with Cullman Regional Foundation funds enables Home Health nursing staff members to perform therapeutic treatment for home-bound patients in recovery of specific conditions. The use of this system is invaluable to patients who are unable to travel for continued care.

Non-invasive Ventilator: $23,400
To help prevent ventilator-acquired pneumonia (VAP) in respiratory-compromised patients, the Respiratory Care department at Cullman Regional now has a non-invasive ventilator available for patients. This technology allows caregivers to provide much-needed respiratory care without creating an additional risk of pneumonia that can sometimes result from traditional ventilator use.

Nintendo Wii Systems: $900
To allow pediatric and adult rehabilitation patients optimize movement options, the Cullman Regional Foundation purchased Nintendo Wii gaming systems Rehabilitation Services. Through the use of games vs. traditional rehabilitation therapy, patients enjoy a better overall experience while regaining balance, hand-eye coordination, memory and problem-solving skills, as well as decision-making skills. 

Dash 2500 Pediatric

Apnea Machine: $4,700
To allow caregivers to monitor for sleep apnea in pediatric patients and keep an eye on vital signs, the Dash 2500 Pediatric Apnea Machine brings the latest technology available to monitor the special needs of pediatric patients.

Icemaker: $2,900
The Foundation purchased an icemaker for the Pediatrics department at Cullman Regional. Adding this small touch means that parents can stay with their loved ones rather than leave the room to find needed refreshments.

Papoose Board System: $365
Sometimes, a little assistance is needed to help hospital professionals insert IVs in some the hospital’s smallest patients. Papoose boards allow caregivers to perform needed procedures without additional stress to the patient from multiple “sticks.”

Pediatric Positioning Device: $3,500
A pediatric positioning device for Cullman Regional’s Diagnostic Imaging department prevents accidental movement by pediatric and infant patients that might possibly necessitate repeat imaging. It also eliminates the need for parents or staff to hold children still and remain in the imaging field during procedures.

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy System: $108,000
A stereotactic breast biopsy system allows for less-invasive breast biopsy procedures for women. Thanks to Cullman Regional Foundation funding, our Women’s Diagnostic Imaging Center now offers this technology.

12-Lead Electrocardiogram (EKG) Systems: $135,000
To facilitate real-time transmission of critical cardiac information from the field to medical professionals in the Emergency Department, 12-lead EKG systems have been placed onboard all Cullman EMS (CEMS) ambulances. CEMS is the official 911 emergency services provider for Cullman County and the surrounding area. When every moment counts — the “Golden Window” for optimal treatment outcomes — this technology helps to save precious time and lives.

GE Medical Fetal Monitoring Systems: $32,600
GE Medical Systems’ complete line of fetal monitoring systems are designed to support both prenatal and labor and delivery environments. By bridging high-tech and high-touch, GE provides flexibility and immediacy in assessment and documentation of vital maternal and fetal parameters to ensure a personalized birthing experience.

Hill-Rom® Affinity Birthing Beds: $17,852
Hill-Rom’s Affinity Birthing Bed is designed for the combination of safety and ease-of-use. Through its special features, caregivers no longer have to lift and remove the foot section of the bed during delivery. Designed with mom’s comfort in mind, an extra thick, gentle air mattress addresses patient comfort and satisfaction.

Site-Rite® Vascular Access Ultrasound System: $18,100
For patients who require extended IV therapy, the use of a peripherally inserted central venous catheter (commonly called a PICC line) can yield higher patient satisfaction and provide fewer potential complications and costs as compared to chest placement of a central line. The Cullman Regional Foundation purchased the Site-Rite Ultrasound System to enable our providers to easily and quickly locate veins for PICC line placement. This technology is proven to increase the success rate of PICC line placement from the national average of 50% without ultrasound to 90%.

Philips Medical Systems IntelliVue Cardiac Monitoring System: $65,000
The Foundation helped to purchase a Cardiac Monitoring System for the Cullman Regional Emergency Department. The Phillips IntelliVue system provides unprecedented clinical decision support and information access with continuous cardiac bedside monitoring and real-time information transfer to a central information center at the nursing station. Installation provides cardiac monitoring in all ER rooms, including two trauma monitors with EKG capability.

Hill-Rom AIRPAL® Patient Transfer Systems: $8,520 
AIRPAL systems are designed to reduce the risks associated with patients and caregivers when moving patients from their beds to stretchers or other areas of the hospital. AIRPALs dramatically reduce back injuries for caregivers and enable fewer people to reposition patients, while also improving patient comfort. Patients can also remain on the pad for all ancillary procedures including radiology, CT scan, radiation therapy, heart catheterization, physical therapy, labor and delivery, surgery and Emergency Department.

Hill-Rom® TotalCare SpO2RT® Pulmonary Therapy System Bed: $32,039
The Hill-Rom TotalCare SpO2RT bed in the Critical Care Unit gives caregivers unrestrained access to patients and provides programmable therapy modules to assist with often time-consuming pulmonary therapies. These modules offer continuous lateral rotation therapy (CLRT) and percussion and vibration therapies to aid in prevention and treatment of pulmonary complications related to patient immobility.

Diagnostic Ultrasound BladderScan® Bladder Scanner: $10,695
This special scanner allows your provider to measure your bladder volume in a non-invasive, comfortable manner. This device prevents unnecessary catheterization, reduces infection, assists in managing incontinence, and helps diagnose bladder dysfunction.

Kodak® EasyShare Z760 Digital Camera: $250
Home Care Services uses this digital camera to enhance documentation related to wound appearance at specific intervals of care. Usage relates to all wounds, including non-healing surgical wounds and decubitus ulcers. Photo documentation enhances and provides distinct descriptive characteristics of bed wounds and surrounding tissues, enhancing the standard of care for the homebound patient. 

Arterial Core

Thermometers: $850
Two of these special thermometers were purchased for outlying Cullman Regional clinics (Addison and Hanceville). It is a handheld device that scans across a patient’s temporal artery to give an accurate core temperature without being invasive and upsetting to children.

Arterial Core Thermometers: $1,700
Four arterial core thermometers were also purchased for use at the hospital, in the Nursery and Pediatrics.

Portable Pulse Oximeters: $1,725
Four portable pulse oximeters were purchased for Home Care Services and are used to read the capillary oxygen saturation level of homebound patients. This allows Home Care nurses to accurately determine your oxygen saturation levels.

ARJO® Treatment Chair: $5,831
The ARJO treatment chair converts to a stretcher that can be raised to the height of a hospital bed. It helps caregivers transfer patients from bed to bed or from bed to chair without injury to themselves or the patient.

Respironics Synchrony Clinical CPAP/BiPAP Unit: $2,900
An additional Respironics Synchrony CPAP/BiPAP unit will be used as an auxiliary unit to help avoid scheduling changes that might result from required maintenance of the existing unit.

Cybex Fly Equipment: $2,398
Cullman Regional Wellness Services offers the Cybex fly to aid patients who need to enhance upper body strength. All pulmonary rehabilitation patients may benefit from using this machine. 

X-Boxes, Carts, TVs,

Games, and Movies: $1,640
Two carts furnished with X-Boxes, games, movies and televisions were purchased for patients in Cullman Regional’s Pediatric unit. These devices can aid in the healing process by helping patients focus on objects and activities unrelated to their illnesses. They also help alleviate fear and boredom in our younger patients.

Fluidotherapy Unit: $5,295
This unit is a specially designed fluidized tank that combines the precise control of dry heat, temperature and airflow to promote skin desensitization and limb buoyancy. It is used by physical and occupational therapists for patients with extremity problems such as arthritis, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) and fractures.

Diabetic Foot Kit with Doppler: $750
Used in wound care by physical therapists to measure oxygen saturation and blood supply to extremities, the diabetic foot kit with Doppler can help caregivers determine the progress of a healing wound.

Medtronics Automatic External Defibrillators: $42,000
Automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) have been proven to save lives of those suffering from heart failure if used in a timely manner. These devices are user-friendly and completely automatic. Eighteen units were placed throughout Cullman Regional’s five rural health clinics and in 13 area high schools.

Tetratone II Microprocessor Audiometers: $2,025
These screening devices that are used to test hearing at both high and low frequencies and at different decibel levels. Three units were placed in Cullman Regional’s satellite health clinics and allow practitioners to detect hearing deficits in children and adults.

Phototherapy Lamps: $3,390
Phototherapy lamps are used in the treatment of newborns who need lower bilirubin levels. Lamps were purchased and placed in the Nursery and on the Pediatric unit.