Why Cullman Regional

Placing a high priority on excellence, Cullman Regional continually invests in gold standard technology and places it in the skilled hands of highly trained surgeons. However, we recognize that surgical excellence is more than technology and physician talent. It’s a standard of care that can only be achieved when we earn your trust through compassionate care every step of the way.

Advanced Robotic Surgery

Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery

Mako is revolutionizing joint replacement with its personalized surgical approach. This advanced robotic technology creates a unique surgical plan based on your anatomy, which can result in less pain, reduced need for medication, shorter hospital stays and minimal post-procedure physical therapy. In the hands of skilled orthopedic surgeons, Mako offers a tailored solution for a smoother, more comfortable recovery from total knee, hip and joint replacements.

da Vinci Surgical System

The da Vinci Surgical System helped create a groundbreaking shift in minimally invasive procedures. This advanced technology allows surgeons to create smaller incisions, which can significantly diminish post-operative discomfort, reduce blood loss, offer shorter recovery periods and reduce noticeable scarring. This innovative system marks a significant stride in minimally invasive surgical options at Cullman Regional.

Our Services

The following surgical procedures are available at Cullman Regional:

Keeping Families Informed

Providing exceptional patient care also means providing our patients’ families and loved ones ways to stay informed about the care being provided. With a unique Family Code, family and friends in the surgery waiting area will be kept up to date on a patient’s status throughout their surgical stay from pre-op through recovery.

Surgery Preparation

Pre-Admission Testing

Pre-admission testing includes surgical screening assessments for patients of all ages. We will provide information about your scheduled procedure, discuss pre-procedure instructions and complete lab work or X-rays ordered by your physician and required prior to surgery. Your visit should last approximately 30 to 45 minutes, although some specialty procedures require a longer pre-admission visit.

You should dress comfortably for your pre-admission visit. You will meet with a registered nurse who will obtain your medical history and current medications list. He or she will listen to your heart and lungs and measure your height and weight.

During this visit, you will also receive your Family Code that will be used for all inquiries regarding your status while in the hospital. This six-digit number is permanently assigned to you for future hospital visits as well.

Provide your Family Code to one family member who will serve as the contact person for other family and friends wishing to know your status. Only minimal information will be shared.

If you have additional questions after your pre-admission appointment, call us at 256-737-2280.

One-Day Surgery

Be sure to arrange, in advance, for your transportation home, as you cannot drive for 24 hours after surgery.

When you arrive at the Surgery Waiting Room, you will receive a paging device that will be used to update a friend or family member who accompanied you. The state-of-the-art surgical patient tracking system located in the Surgery Waiting Room will provide additional information.

You will be escorted to a room in One-Day Surgery and will be asked a series of questions for your safety. You will change into a surgical gown, and an IV may be started. An anesthesiologist or representative will visit to discuss your anesthesia. You may have visitors in your pre-op room; however, during surgery, visitors should wait in the Surgery Waiting Room. After your procedure, you will be assigned to a post-operative room and your visitors will be notified of your room assignment.

Once recovered, you will receive home-care instructions, including what issues or symptoms to report to your doctor. You will know when to follow up with your physician, and you will be discharged home. We will escort you out to your car in a wheelchair. You cannot drive for 24 hours after surgery due to your anesthesia. You must have someone to drive you home.