Cullman Regional and Cullman Regional Foundation grant $250,000 to Good Samaritan clinic

Cullman Regional and Cullman Regional Foundation each approved $125,000 grants to the Good Samaritan Health Clinic for a total contribution of $250,000. The one-time grant is in addition to Cullman Regional’s annual donation of more than $1.2 million in cash and service contributions to the clinic.

“As long-standing Medical Director of the Good Samaritan Health Clinic, I am happy to say that the consistent support we receive from Cullman Regional has been vital to the success the clinic has seen in providing much-needed primary care to our local uninsured population,” said Dr. Jeremy Stidham. “This gift not only continues to pave the path upon which our clinic travels but is also evidence of Cullman Regional’s commitment to the enduring health needs of our local community. It highlights the uncommon foresight of our hospital’s board as it anticipates the future needs of our local healthcare system.”

Good Samaritan offers an appropriate setting for non-emergent medical care and medication assistance for non-insured residents of Cullman County. By supporting Good Samaritan with significant financial contributions, Cullman Regional helps to extend care beyond its walls and increases access to quality healthcare in the community.

“Good Samaritan serves as a healthcare safety net for our community,” said Charna Brown, Cullman Regional Chief Nursing Officer and Good Samaritan Board Member. “Supporting its mission and its patients this way makes good sense.”

The hospital’s annual donation of $1.2 million helps cover a variety of expenses for the clinic including a full-time nurse practitioner who is the only employed provider at Good Samaritan.