When faced with a cancer diagnosis, you will deal with a host of logistical, emotional, financial and other challenges that may make it difficult for you to focus on your treatment and get back to a routine life.


Connecting the Dots

This is where one of our nurse navigators can help you “connect the dots.” As experienced nurses, our nurse navigators can help you better understand your diagnosis and treatment options, which can help reduce anxiety and expedite your care. Because they are your first point of contact after a diagnosis, you can begin addressing concerns you have by asking questions right away.

Our Services

Our caring team of specialists develop a treatment plan that provides you with personalized care and support to help you in your fight against cancer. A key team member is our dedicated nurse navigator who helps you every step of the way during your cancer journey.

Your navigation team includes your primary physician, surgeons, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and/or other specialists. 

Our team includes nurse navigators, social workers, registered dietitians, financial counselors and support staff. 

Nurse Navigators
  • Serves as a resource and seeks ways to ease the care burden for the patient and families
  • Acts as care coordinator, educator and initiates team referrals when needed
  • Helps you understand your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Explains medical terminology to you and your family
  • Explains diagnostic tests, surgical procedures and assists caregivers with patient preparation
  • Watches closely for any issues that arise throughout treatment and recovery
  • Serves as liaison with the physician’s office to ensure accurate patient communication and timely appointments

Social Worker
  • Educates you and your family about community agencies and makes referrals as needed
  • Provides emotional support
  • Helps with financial concerns and issues
  • Reviews insurance issues and provides assistance as needed
  • Provides assistance in understanding living wills
  • Assists with other social issues, needs or possible obstacles to treatment

Registered Dietitian
  • Completes a nutritional assessment
  • Provides counseling for nutrition-related side effects during treatment
  • Makes recommendations for appropriate oral nutritional supplements
  • Makes recommendations for tube feeding (when needed)
  • Reviews any diet-related issues or needs

Financial Counselors
  • Secure financial arrangements for tests, procedures, treatments and surgeries
  • Assist patients who may qualify for Cullman Regional’s charity program for tests, procedures, treatments and surgeries

Our Team

Jessica Nicholson

Patient Navigator

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain assistance from Cullman Regional Nurse Navigation?

Please ask your doctor to call us at 256-737-2111 to make a referral. We will then follow-up with you.

Can I call and request help from a nurse navigator?

Yes, you may contact us directly. We will then contact your physician on your behalf.

What types of assistance does nurse navigation offer?

We assist the patient and your family by helping you understand your diagnosis and treatment options; explaining medical terminology in more easily understood terms; acting as a “go-between” with physician’s office to ensure accurate communications and timely appointments; striving to assist those without insurance or with high co-pays in order to ease financial burdens while in treatment; and making referrals to other team members as appropriate.

Does this service cost anything?

Nurse Navigation services are free of charge.


Monday – Friday,
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Main floor,
Professional Office Building 1,
next to Subway


Telephone: 256-737-2111