Cullman Regional adds new MRI and CT technology

Cullman Regional has added a 128-slice GE Revolution EVO CT and a GE Discovery MR750w 3.0T MRI to offer patients and physicians better imaging technology.  

Not only do these new technologies produce better images, but they can also improve workflow to increase the number of scans available at one time, giving patients safe and timely access to high quality imaging services.

GE Discovery MR750w 3.0T MRI

The Revolution EVO CT’s technology allows a single operator to perform one-step positioning at the patient’s side, improving focus on the patient and their comfort during the scan. With nearly real-time checking of images, patients spend less time in the CT, and the radiologist can make rapid and accurate judgements in emergency cases. Additionally, the patient radiation dose can be reduced as much at 50-82 percent without compromising image quality.

“Our goal is to transform the patient experience,” said Vickie Suits, Director of Diagnostic Imaging. “Both the Revolution EVO CT and the Discovery 3.0T MRI were developed with patient comfort in mind, while maintaining outstanding image quality.”

The Discovery 3.0T MRI features a 70cm patient bore (the area where the person lays to be scanned), which helps ease the stress of those who might be claustrophobic. It also features a detachable table equipped with comfort tilt to better position the head and neck during spinal exams, which can improve patient comfort, help reduce patient movement and increase image quality.

Together, the EVO CT and the 3.0T MRI represent a $2.2 million investment by the hospital.

“Investing in new technology is key as Cullman Regional grows with our community,” said Nesha Donaldson, Chief Operations Officer.  “With a wide range of advanced clinical functionality and uncompromised image quality, the new CT and MRI give our patients access to advanced imaging technology at their local hospital.”