Cullman Regional first hospital in Southeast to use new technology for head injuries

Prior to the pandemic, Cullman Regional became the first hospital in the Southeast to use a new technology to assess head injuries.

Through a pilot program with BrainScope, the hospital began using a non-invasive technology that assesses patients for brain bleeds and concussions without exposure to radiation.

When used to triage ER patients, BrainScope can detect even the smallest amount of blood with 99 percent sensitivity, helping physicians quickly determine which head injuries need further tests such as a CT scan. If no bleeding is detected in the brain, patients are able to avoid radiation exposure from an unnecessary CT scan and the health risks that come with it. This is especially important for anyone who is prone to head injury including some athletes.

Mark Christensen, MD

Dr. Mark Christensen, Cullman Regional’s Director of Emergency Services was involved in the pilot program and implementation of the new technology. “We were looking to provide head-injured patients with confidence that the high-quality care they receive at Cullman Regional is supported by advanced technology,” Dr. Christensen said.

Since implementing BrainScope in its ER, the hospital has seen a dramatic reduction in the need for CT scans to assess head injury patients. The technology has also improved the ER team’s capabilities to detect and provide best practice care for concussions. Additionally, BrainScope assessments have helped providers give patients and their families objective and actionable concussion information specific to the severity of the head injury.

“Cullman Regional was the first hospital in Alabama and the Southeast to make BrainScope available to objectively assess head-injured patients including concussion. BrainScope’s EEG-based AI technology identifies the likelihood of being negative for brain bleed on a CT scan without radiation in 20 minutes or less, and with the same EEG-signal, identifies the likelihood of severity of concussion, “said Susan Hertzberg, BrainScope CEO, “We are proud that Cullman Regional has selected BrainScope to help them improve patient safety, diagnosis, and outcomes.”