Cullman Regional Introduces New Pristina 3D Mammography Machine

The Women’s Diagnostic Center at Cullman Regional is proud to announce the addition of the GE Seneographe Pristina 3D mammography machine.

The new equipment comes with advanced technology that allows our physicians to better diagnose breast cancer and provides a more comfortable patient experience.

While 3D mammograms have been offered by Cullman Regional for four years, the new 3D mammography machine can provide physicians with breast images in greater detail for better diagnostic accuracy without increasing the radiation dose to the patient. The Pristina uses the same low dose as a 2D mammography exam and offers the lowest patient dose of all FDA-approved 3D mammography systems. The Pristina also offers rounded corners instead of sharp edges, less metals surfaces and armrests to help patients be more comfortable during exams.

Within the Pristina, an advanced 3D technology will help physicians to better target suspicious lesions with 3D-guided biopsies. Biopsies are performed to remove a sample of breast tissue for testing and are an important diagnostic tool for early detection of breast cancer.

“With these clearer 3D images, our patients will experience fewer call backs which happen when the radiologist reading the initial mammogram requires additional views to more-clearly see an area of concern,” said Dr. Jonathan Davis, Chairman of Radiology at Cullman Regional. “Cullman Regional, physicians and staff are excited to offer this modality to the community.”

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 1 in 18 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their lifetimes. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, schedule a screening mammogram at the Women’s Diagnostic Center by calling 256-737-2270.