Cullman Regional Medical Group among the state’s Top 5 Primary Care Services

Cullman, Ala. — Cullman Regional Medical Group is ranked among the state’s Top 5 Primary Care Services by Healthcare Business Review, a national business and technology magazine focused on the healthcare industry.

Cullman Regional Medical Group is the hospital’s rapidly growing employed physician network, which is on track to add 23 new physicians, four of which are primary care providers, by the end of the year.

According to Healthcare Business Review, a growing demand for primary care is being fueled by an aging population, increasing chronic disease prevalence, and a greater emphasis on preventive care. Combine these factors with the significant population growth in Cullman and local access to physician care can become a challenge.

“All of our Medical Group clinics have been working really hard to provide high-quality care in a seamless and convenient way,” said Lisa Courtney, Cullman Regional vice president of physician services. “We’ve added online appointment scheduling, a sophisticated electronic health record system, a dedicated call center, and recruited top doctors from around the country.”

Cullman Regional Medical Group’s award-winning primary care team includes three separate physician clinics. Two have recently relocated to accommodate a growing patient population and to better meet patient expectations. The Internal & Family Medicine Clinic and Pediatric Clinic new location is on the hospital campus in Professional Office Building 3 on the ground floor.

“We went from an 11,000 square foot clinic to more than 17,000 square feet,” said Schinley Land, executive director of physician services at Cullman Regional. “I think patients are really going to appreciate all the things we’re doing to make their experience with us even better.”

The third Cullman Regional Medical Group primary care clinic is located at the hospital’s outpatient medical campus on Hwy. 31 in Hartselle.