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One of the best ways to learn about our Bariatric Center of Excellence is to hear from our patients. Discover a weight-loss story that inspires your journey.

Patient Testimonials



Dennis Grove

starting weight 347 lbs | current weight 301 lbs
6 weeks post op

"My bariatric journey can be summed up in two words: life-changing. My surgeon has been a guiding beacon in a vast darkness of failed weight loss and downward spiraling of health issues. My A1c has gone from 11.5 to 6.0 with lower numbers to come. Let us not forget Natalie, dietician extraordinaire, whose knowledge and teachings has kept me moving forward, navigating the pitfalls and stumbling blocks that threaten to prevent me from reaching my ultimate goal – years of a healthy and happy life with my lovely wife, Nicole. Thank you to all the great staff at Cullman Regional Bariatric Center of Excellence for your caring thoughts and positive attitudes that make the journey that much more enjoyable."



Brittany Wilcutt

starting weight 323 lbs | current weight 243 lbs
5 months post op

"This time last year I was at the lowest point in my life. I was unhealthy, miserable, and in desperate need of change. Even with several medications for blood pressure, GERD, anxiety, and depression my health issues were still uncontrolled. I felt like I was failing as a mother because I couldn’t do things with my daughter that I should be able to do. During my journey in the six-month program, I learned so much more than I ever thought possible. Since having surgery I have stopped most medications, and no longer have blood pressure issues or high blood sugar. I have begun actually enjoying life and not just watching it pass by. I feel so amazing and never thought I would have such great results."

Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery

Individuals affected by severe obesity are often resistant to maintaining weight loss through traditional techniques, like calorie counting, increasing exercise and commercial weight-loss programs.

Bariatric weight-loss surgery is the most effective treatment to combat severe obesity and maintain weight loss.

Long-Term Weight-Loss Success

Bariatric surgeries result in long-term weight-loss success.

Improved Longevity

Studies find that severely obese individuals who have had bariatric surgery have a lower risk of death than those who haven’t.

  • Over a five year observation period, individuals affected by obesity who had bariatric surgery experienced an 89 percent lower mortality rate than those who did not.
  • Another large study found that bariatric patients experienced over a 90 percent reduction in diabetes related deaths and an over 50 percent reduction in heart disease related deaths.

Improvement of Obesity-Related Conditions

Bariatric patients have a significant reduction in mortality compared to severely obese individuals due to the improvement of diseases that are caused or worsened by obesity through bariatric surgery.

  • Weight loss with bariatric surgery can improve, or even cure obesity-related conditions, including:
    • High blood pressure
    • Sleep apnea
    • Asthma and other obesity-related breathing disorders
    • Arthritis
    • Cholesterol abnormalities
    • GERD
    • Fatty liver disease
    • Venous stasis
    • Urinary stress incontinence
    • Pseudotumor cerebri
  • Bariatric surgeries can also lead to improvement and remission of Type II diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

Changes in Quality of Life and Mental Health with Surgery

  • Weight loss can lead to an improvement in health, longevity, relationships and overall quality of life. Specifically, bariatric surgery helps physical functions such as mobility, self-esteem, work, social interactions and sexual function.
  • Weight loss can also reduce depression and anxiety which can help you live a healthier, more fulfilling life.
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